Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Home Among The Gum Trees

Hi! I'm Belle, and I live in a home among the gum trees! My house pretty much matches that song completely. We have plum trees, and a sheep, and there are plenty of kangaroos around here. We have a clothes line out the back, a veranda out the front, and we even have a very, very old rocking chair.
 I'm 11 yrs old, and  have a life filled with animals and veggie gardens. I'm also home schooling, and it's super! We try and live as green as possible. We play around with things like composting toilets, and we milk goats, we bake our own cakes, biscuits, bread and heaps of other things, and we never use plastic bags when we go shopping.
I think the animals are my favourite part of our green life style. We have two goats, a pony and a sheep, lots of chooks, and ten new baby chicks, two ducks, four geese, two dogs and one cat. Almost all of our animals have a purpose, although some are just pets. The goats give us milk, the chooks give us meat and eggs, and the ducks are supposed to give us eggs too, but their not doing a very good job of it! The geese will also be used for meat in future, the sheep is for wool and the pony, the dogs and the cat are pets.

I really enjoy home schooling. I like the fact that it's different, as well as great fun. We learn things we wouldn't have learnt at school, like how to milk a goat, or cooking and knitting and sewing. When we go shopping on a week day, plenty of people ask "no school today?", or "school finished early?" . That can be a bit annoying. We tell them we're home schooling, and usually they either give us a funny look, or say a nice long "oh", and quickly change the subject. But then you get the people who exclaim "oh, how wonderful!", or "I always wanted to do something like that!".  Those comments I really like! :)
I've decided to have a blog because I would like to share my experience of growing up green. I think it will be fun! Hope you enjoy following along!