Wednesday, 25 March 2015

New chicks

*addendum ~ this post was written by Belle months ago but she wasn't confident about posting it. I've just discovered it's existence and encouraged her to publish it. Cheers, Linda (Mum)*

We have new baby chicks! There is little in this world that is as cute baby chicks. The new chicks belong to my silky, Nougat (pronounced noogar). Originally we were only supposed to be breeding australaups, orpingtons and dorkings, but i have always been fascinated by silkies, so mum found Nougat for me.

She has only just started laying recently, and i wasn't sure she was going to be a very good mum, but silkies are supposed to be the best, aren't they? well, she did a great job. she was sitting on australaups and orpingtons, but we're not sure what chicks are which breed yet.

We have two new goats now. Their names are Milo and Esmeralda. Esmeralda is another milker, and Milo is for the freezer. We'll miss him, but not too much, cause he's really quite a pain. He always gets out of the paddock, and his horns are a bit of a danger. But since hes only young, he's very cute!

As well as new life in the chook yard, we've had a death, too the old australaup, a retired hen, who was very very old, died, in the same pen, and on the same day, that the chickens hatched. So I suppose life goes on!

Me and my brother and sister have started guitar/singing/drama lessons. The lady we're doing it with comes to our place every Wednesday. I love it, I've always wanted to play guitar. But buddy and pumpkin don't cooperate very well. I don't mind. Every time they start mucking up badly, she gives up, and does guitar with me!

Mum made a banana cake today, with lemon flavored icing. mmmmmmm, my favorite!
And we also lit the first inside fire for 2015 in our house. It was exciting, and so deliciously warm.

We had a very eventful day, like most days! Can't wait to post again :) 


  1. From what I've been reading your mum is always encouraging your interests, you are a lucky girl to have such a wonderful mum! But I bet you already know that :)

  2. Your animals have fabulous names!

  3. Thanks Louise. I love naming animals, and I try and be as imaginative as I can!