Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Theatre and Goats

After mum publishing all my belated posts yesturday, and all your encouraging comments, I'm feeling pretty enthusiastic about blogging! I've been re-figuring out all the pages and buttons, and I think I'm getting the hang of it again.

A few days ago I performed my last performance that I did with a theatre group near us. It was never really my idea to do it, but mum convinced me. I'm glad she did. I loved it! On the first night, I was scared stiff! I had Rescue remedy in my drink bottle, and I was trying to take deep breaths. I was pacing up and down the room, and one of the girls was giggling, and another was trying to comfort me.

Once I got on stage, I found it really wasn't that bad. In fact, I quite enjoyed it!

It was my first time there, and I hadn't got particularly attached to any of the girls, but after the last performance a lot of them were crying, running around hugging every one in sight, especially the ones they wouldn't see next year!

We found out recently that our goat, Daisy, isn't having kids. It's so sad. She was the one we really wanted bred. She's got good posture and a very good udder. At first we were only going to keep any girls she had, for milk, but we've decided that maybe we could keep a wether, and train it to pull a small cart of straw, or manure for the garden. I thought it sounded pretty cruel, but when I read up on it I found most people think goats don't mind it, that they like to be useful. So maybe we'll try it out.

We were cleaning out the kidding stall the other day and while we did it, me and the kids were trying to think of names for any doelings we keep. We used to have an Anglo Nubian doe named Clover, but we gave her away, and later she died just after she had her first lot of kids. Pumpkin wanted to call one Clover. She also wanted to call one Esmeralda, after a Saanen cross Togg' that we sold(she's still alive, but we miss her).

Gooza ( that's what we call Argoo) is looking really big at the moment. She's due on the twenty seventh of September.
I really hope she has at least one girl. It would be quite an unsuccessful first year of kidding if she didn't!


  1. that's wonderful! glad you enjoyed your night of theatre
    your goat is looking quite large there, twins perhaps? i hope you take lots of photos when the kid/s are born, would love to see them
    glad you decided to keep blogging too!
    thanx for sharing

  2. Congratulations for tackling your fears, and getting up on stage. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    So long as they're treated humanely, the life of a wether can be very active and productive. I've not had any, but I knew a local who had three. They kept each other company and liked to climb things. I don't think they would mind pulling a cart, so long as they were trained gradually and the weight wasn't too heavy. They would eagerly pull a cart, if they knew a tasty treat always came afterwards.